Thursday, February 4, 2010

Job Announcement: South Central Library System Director


Wisconsin’s South Central Library System, based in Madison, is a well-respected, dynamic organization that serves 52 public libraries and a population base of over 800,000 with a budget of over $8 million. Enthusiastic staff of 70 and collegial atmosphere have created a strong organization. Some exciting changes, including a new governance structure, organizational changes, and the decision to migrate to an open-source integrated library system have put the System into position to move boldly into the future to meet the growing needs of the communities it serves. The search is underway for an innovative new leader, since the current Director is retiring in mid-2010.

Candidates must have an MLS degree and at least six years of library management experience, a sense of humor, a passion for service, strong communication skills, and the ability to function as a change agent.

The minimum salary is $100,000 and includes a generous benefit package.

SCLS Director position description.

SCLS organization chart.

System map and links to member libraries.

About SCLS, an overview of its services.

(If Retiring Guy were 15 years younger, he'd be filling out his application right now.)

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