Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuesday Miscellany

Holiday sales disappoint at Borders Group. (Publishers Weekly)
Down 14.7% overall. Ouch!

Lincoln's presidential museum outdraws the others. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch via Resource Shelf) Includes list of 2009 Presidential museum attendance.

New Economics of Marriage: The Rise of Wives. (Pew Research Center Social and Demographic Trends)

'Love Story' Author Erich Segal Dies Aged 72
. (ABC News)
16 copies of Love Story in LINKcat. All of them "In Library".

Mystery writer Robert Parker dead at 77. (Los Angeles Times)
There are 288 "search results", i.e., bibliographic records, for Parker in LINKcat.

Results from the 60-Second Survey: The Future of the Book. (Library Research Service)
63% say books will never disappear.

A Third of Adults Now Post to Sites like Facebook, Twitter Once a Week. (Resource Shelf)

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