Friday, December 4, 2009

Mashable Founder and CEO Looks at Web Trends

Link to December 3 post,"10 Web trends to watch in 2010".

The list and excerpts/summaries:

1. Real time ramps up. (The term represents the growing demand for immediacy in our interactions. Immediacy is compelling, engaging, highly addictive ... it's a sense of living in the now.)

2. Location, location, location. (Soon, our whereabouts may optionally be appended to every Tweet, blog comment, photo or video we post.)

3. Augmented reality. ([I]magine walking around a city and seeing it come to life with reviews of the restaurants you walk past and Wikipedia entries about the sights you see.)

4. Content "curation". (Your friends are your filter.)

5. Cloud computing. ( and applications cease to reside on our desktops and instead exist on servers elsewhere...)

6. Internet TV and movies. (Think Hulu, etc.)

7. Convergence conundrum. (Smartphones v. task-specific devices, such as ebook readers.)

8. Social gaming. (FarmVille and the rise of virtual currencies.)

9. Mobile payments. (Like how you pay for stuff at the Apple Store.)

10. Fame abundance, privacy scarcity. (...ongoing voluntary erosion of privacy...)

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Lake Mills Library said...

This reminds me of J.A. Konrath's predictions about eBooks at his blog:

Because of his guesses I went ahead and put off ordering a Kindle for the Library.