Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Labor Negotiations Delay Sunday Hours at Racine Public Library

Link to December 30 Racine Journal Times article, "Library will reopen on Sundays - but not right now".

Excerpt: The Downtown library will not reopen the first Sunday in January as originally hoped by library officials.

The Racine Public Library, 75 Seventh St., was scheduled to reopen on Sundays in January as long as labor negotiations were complete. But those negotiations have taken longer than expected so the library's doors will remain closed on Sundays until further notice.

"We're just kind of waiting," said library Board of Trustees President Theron Snell. "I know we are not going to meet the target which was the first Sunday in January."

The target date was missed because of ongoing negotiations among Racine Deputy City Attorney Scott Letteney, the AFSCME Local 67 union and the Racine Professional Employees Association union, said library Director Jessica MacPhail.

She said those bargaining units are negotiating a rotation schedule for Sunday workers. Snell said the groups are also negotiating the amount and manner of paying employees for Sunday work.

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