Monday, December 7, 2009

Barnes & Noble's Nook: No Kindle Killer, According to Technologizer Review

Link to December 6 Technologizer post, "Your First Look at Nook: The Technologizer Review".

Excerpt: Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: The Nook isn’t a Kindle killer–not in this initial form, at least. For all its pleasing touches, intriguing innovations, and clear advantages over the Kindle, it feels like a less-than-perfectly-polished 1.0 product, just like Amazon’s first e-reader did a couple of years ago. The user interface is surprisingly sluggish, there are some usability gaffes, and I encountered a major bug with the device’s most-touted feature. Even the much-hyped lending feature has a major gotcha: You can lend a book once. Period.

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valentines day presents said...

The Nook's screen, just like the Kindle's screen, looks pretty good by itself (in good lighting, that is!) -- but not so good when you put it next to a real printed page. It's still dark gray on light gray, not black on white.