Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wisconsin Department of Administration Secretary Michael Morgan Responds to Pew Report

Link to November 11 DOA news release via The Wheeler Report.

Excerpt: Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary Michael Morgan made the following statement regarding a report released today by the Pew Center on States that contains factual errors and uses them to wrongly compare the fiscal situation of Wisconsin to California.

“In no way can Wisconsin be compared to the nation’s most financially troubled states, especially California.

“While Wisconsin has been affected, like all states, by the national economic downturn, we have balanced our budget by cutting spending and raising revenues as needed.

“In addition, recent reports have shown that many other states have large revenue shortfalls in the current fiscal year. But Wisconsin does not.

“The Pew Center report is factually inaccurate. From the outset, the report is fundamentally flawed.

“It is not true that the recession has hit Wisconsin harder than other states. While we have taken hits like everyone else, Wisconsin has fared much better than other states and manufacturing is doing better in Wisconsin compared to our neighboring states.

Nothing yet on Republican Party of Wisconsin's webpage (but that could change by the time you click on the link).

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