Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stop to Smell the Your Library

Link to November 6 Surrounded by Geniuses blogpost by Alan Gregerman, "Finding Magic in a Library". (via Lazyfeed)

Excerpt: No, the sad truth is that we all seem way too busy to pause long enough to visit a library and read, relax, explore, and learn. To discover today's genius and the genius of every generation before us. To walk in without a destination in mind, only to be captivated by a book, or a magazine, or a film that we never anticipated or planned to find--but one with the power to transport us to a different world filled with new ideas, inspiration, and possibilities. Libraries are places filled with magic, and as we race to forget that essential fact we lose a unique and wonderful opportunity to unlock our individual and collective curiosity and genius. Curiosity and genius that could help us to be more remarkable at work, in our civic lives, or at anything worth doing. (The emphasis is Gregerman's.)

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