Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Roanoke's Gainsboro Branch Moving-In Day

Link to March 5, 2009, Roanoke News article, "Library branches out". (Hey, I'm always sniffing out library news. Thanks, Santa!)

Excerpt: If there's one thing librarians can teach the rest of the world, it's a lesson in resourcefulness, said Sheila Umberger, director of the Roanoke public library system, as she navigated her way through a sea of unwrapped books and furniture at the Gainsboro branch library.

Umberger and her staff have been juggling tasks the past few weeks as they wrap up the library's $1 million renovation project that began a year ago. With furniture to move, books to unpack and carpet to be laid, the library shut its doors Feb. 16 to give staff time to complete renovations before reopening Monday.

And be sure to watch the short video.

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