Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lori, the Comic Book Goddess, Reflects on the Jessamine County Library incident

1 of 4 Chicagoland locations.

Link to Lori Gentile's October 23 blogpost, "Library Craziness!"

About Lori: My name is Lori and I've been reading comics since the age of 5 and I've been the manager of Amazing Fantasy Books and Comics Frankfort location since it opened, in 1991.

Excerpt: I have to say, I'm a little torn over this. I don't think the library employees deserved to be fired for this. I understand and applaud the library's policy, BUT maybe the employees were just trying to cover their own asses. I know I've done this at the shop several times. Not that long ago, a 14 year old came in to buy League volume 1. His mom was with him, I told her she might want to look at the book first to make sure it would be appropriate for him.

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