Tuesday, October 6, 2009

South Central Library System's Library of the Year Award Presented to McMillan Memorial Library

Link to October 5 Wisconsin Rapids Tribune article.

Excerpt: McMillan Library was recognized as a model for public libraries seeking to provide a community center atmosphere as well as traditional library services.

South Central Library System Director Phyllis Davis said, "After McMillan's new library building was opened in 1970, the board of trustees and library directors Ray Hernandez and Bill Wilson developed the community center tradition using the facility's 265-seat fine arts center, all purpose room, display areas and the library's endowment fund. The board of trustees and director Ron McCabe have continued to develop the social dimension of library service at McMillan during the past two decades. Ron McCabe's book 'Civic Librarianship: Renewing the Social Mission of the Public Library' and Assistant Director Andy Barnett's book 'Libraries, Community, and Technology' were published nationally and contributed to the literature on strengthening communities through public library service."

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