Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phone Book Vanishing Act

Ready for the recycling bin

Link to Jim Stingl's opinion column in the October 15 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "White pages going the way of operators".

Excerpt: You know how the white pages phone book appears magically on the porch this time of year?

Well, not in the Milwaukee area anymore, unless you ask for one.

The way we look up numbers and make calls - increasingly with unlisted cell phones - is turning the thousand-page doorstop into a dinosaur.

The change was announced in a widely ignored news release last month. It also was mentioned in a flier attached to the new AT&T Real Yellow Pages, which will continue to be delivered to everyone. It includes business and government listings, along with maps, area codes, ZIP codes, calendars and such.

The rest of Wisconsin outside the four-county Milwaukee area will keep getting the white pages as usual, at least this year.

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