Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Acting "in Loco Parentis" at the Library Checkout Desk-

Link to October 21 post at WTVQ website, "Librarians Won't Give Child 'Porn' Book". (Found at Library Link of the Day.)

Excerpt: Two Nicholasville librarians are fired for not allowing a kid check out a book. The women say the book contains pornographic material inappropriate for children.

The two women say they were fired last month when they wouldn't let a young girl check out a book from The League of Extraordinary Gentleman series. Now, both women say they're less concerned with their jobs and more concerned with keeping material like this out of children's hands.

"Residents in Jessamine County do not realize that these books that are so graphic are available in the library let alone to their children," former Jessamine County librarian, Beth Bovaire, said.

So far, all of the news reports refer to Beth Bovaire and Sharon Cook as "librarians", but I'm wondering how loosely this term is being used. Perhaps they were clerks at the circulation desk. Digital Spy UK's website refers to them as "library attendants".

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