Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2010 Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race

Link to October 27 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article, "Lawton's exit increases pressure on Barrett".

Excerpt: Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton's surprise decision Monday not to run for governor leaves Democrats with no major announced candidate for the state's highest office and shines the spotlight even more brightly on the biggest of the unannounced candidates, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Barrett said Monday at a Milwaukee news conference on solar power at the downtown public library that he would make an announcement on his plans soon. He declined to be specific but said the city budget and the Common Council's deliberations on the budget next week were his highest priorities for now.

Even though Barrett has declined to say whether he is a candidate, the mayor has been attracting more attention than Lawton in the first wide-open race for governor in 28 years.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for Wisconsin Governor is on Facebook.

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