Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recommended Reading (And Not Just for Guys)

Link to September 22 Guys Lit Wire post by Steve Berman, "Echoes of Bradbury and the summers we all miss".

Excerpt: When I want to become younger, a boy again, there are a few books on my shelf that transform me, take me back to an age when I believed anything could happen. Boy's Life by Robert McCammon is one of them.

Although McCammon's Gone South (1992) is my favorite book -- always duking it out for supremacy with A Confederacy of Dunces, both set in Louisiana -- I hold the same special fondness for Boy's Life (1990) that Berman does. While reading this book, I simultaneously relived my own summer of 1964 in Warren, Pennsylvania. Very evocative.

When McCammon announced, shortly after the publication of Gone South, that he was taking a break from writing to rest and spend time with his family, I felt abandoned, heartbroken, confused. I'd been so eager to discover where he was going next. Turns out to have been Speaks the Nightbird, which, I guess you could say, I've boycotted since its publication in 2002.

The best of the rest: Mine and They Thirst. The only time in my life I experienced nightmares was while reading They Thirst. (Can't believe the book's never been made into a movie.)

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