Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Bookmobile for Lycoming County PA Purchased Locally

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Link to September 19 Williamsport Sun-Gazette article, "Bookmobile almost ready".

Excerpt: For the first time ever, The James V. Brown Library's Bookmobile is being manufactured locally with plans to hit the road by early December.

"This is a departure for us," said Stephanie Farr, county service manager for the library. "Traditionally, libraries would go through a major Bookmobile vendor for this kind of project, and (we) have done that in the past."

The purchase of the new vehicle comes after a five-year legal battle that ended last fall with Matthews Specialty Vehicles of Archdale, N.C., over the purchase of a $288,000 mechanically defective bookmobile in 2001.

The new bookmobile was purchased in August through Shirns Truck and Equipment on Lycoming Creek Road, and is now being what Farr called "Bookmobilized" at Spitler RV in Montoursville.

Defective bookmobile. The headache I inherited when hired as Head of Extension Services at the Oshkosh Public Library in 1978. (Re: Gerstenslager. Until a few minutes ago, I never knew about the Weinermobile connection.)

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