Friday, July 31, 2009

Time Spent Reading Newspapers Online and in Print

Link to July 31 post, "Print Newspapers Still Dominate Readers' Attention", by Ryan Chittum.

Excerpt: For those of us of a certain small-but-growing subset—the blogging, commenting, techno-savvy, early-adopting, extreme-news consumers—it’s sometimes easy to forget that most people don’t live like we do. They don’t use RSS. They don’t Twitter. They don’t read twenty blogs a day. They (some 100 million or so) still actually pick up the newspaper and read it.

Martin Langeveld published a fascinating analysis
a few months ago on how much reading of a newspaper is done online versus in print and came up with a shocking estimate: 96.5 percent print, 3.5 percent online.

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