Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oshkosh Public Introduces Self-Check

Link to March 28 Oshkosh Northwestern (curiously titled) article, "Self-checkout takes over library".

Excerpt: The library implemented a new self-checkout system last month where users go to an electronic kiosk and complete the checkout process themselves. And despite the change, the library has measures in place to protect its collection and ensure users properly checkout their materials before walking out of the building.

Lisa Voss, head of library development, said a hybrid system of old and new security measures are in place and the library staff is taking the steps necessary to make sure materials are not stolen. The switch to a self-checkout system is a result of the library's strategic plan, which aims to personalize other services.

The $7,500 system was installed partly in response to staffing cuts the library has experienced. Since 2006, the equivalent of five full-time positions have been cut from the library, making it harder to continue to provide the services users expect. (RG's emphasis.)

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