Monday, February 9, 2009

Newsweek Goes Niche

Link to February 8 New York Times article, "Newsweek Plans Makeover to Fit a Smaller Audience".

The coveted audience:
1. Well-educated
2. Well-off
3. News junkies

What to expect:
1. Heavier paper stock
2. More photographs (NewsLIFE?)
3. Ads for luxury goods. (Yeah, we definitely need more of these.)
4. New features, such as “The Bluffer’s Guide,” telling readers how to sound as if they are knowledgeable on a current topic, whether they are or not. (Or... you could just watch network and cable news for a few minutes and get 10 easy "or-not" lessons under your belt.)

In other words, Newsweek is no longer your standard newsweekly. (The venerable newsweekly’s ingrained role of obligatory coverage of the week’s big events will be abandoned once and for all, executives say.)

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