Thursday, July 24, 2008

Social Issues to Appear on Many State Ballots This Fall

Link to July 24 post, "Social issues crowd state ballots".

So far, there is no single issue dominating statewide ballots, unlike in 2004 when gay marriage bans were voted on in 11 states, or in 2006, when minimum wage was on six state ballots and property rights on 12.

Among social issues, more proposals that would appeal to conservative voters than to liberals are showing up in 2008. But there is no consensus on whether ballot measures tend to drive enough voters to the polls to give an advantage to a presidential candidate.

Wisconsin hasn't joined the circus this year.

Here's a tally from a sidebar, "2008 Ballot Measures". (Number of times states are mentioned.)
4 - California
3 - Arizona, Colorado, Oregon
2 - Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan Missouri, South Dakota
1 - Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, North Dakota

For more information click here. (Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. "A Brief Survey of Ballot Initiative Activity around the Country".)

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