Thursday, May 22, 2008

Research Roundup: Latest Findings on Cell Phones and Polling

Read the article from the Pew Research Center Website.

First paragraph: Last week the National Center for Health Statistics released new government estimates of the number of Americans who can now be reached only by a cell phone -- an estimated 14.5% of all adults, and significantly larger percentages in certain population subgroups such as young people and Hispanics. The growing number of wireless-only households poses a serious challenge to survey research, much of which relies upon landline surveys to reach respondents.

Survey says....

19.3% of Hispanics can be reached only by cell phone.

30.4% of young adults (18-24) can be reached only by cell phone.

How much longer until this sign is a museum piece?


As soon as I published this post, I checked my library email and found this message.

Dear Paul,

I thought you might be interested in a simple new fundraiser called 'Phones For Good', which can help raise money for Middleton Public Library. Each new purchase by one of your supporters will generate up to $50.00 for your organization. We'd welcome the opportunity to help you make a difference by supporting your great cause, and hope you'll take a look at this very simple program that literally takes 2 minutes to join. Please feel free to call me directly on my cell phone if you have any questions at all (214-240-1498).

Phones For Good is an online retailer of cellular phones dedicated to raising money for nonprofit organizations. By asking your supporters and staff to purchase their next new cellular phone and plan through our website (we're an Authorized Agent of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel and T-Mobile), your organization will earn $40.00 - $50.00 for each new purchase. We offer a much better selection and better pricing than traditional retailers (many are free). Your members and supporters will receive a better deal on their next phone than they otherwise would, all while helping you earn new funds.

Over 90% of your members and supporters already own a cellular phone and will buy a new one within the next 18-24 months. Why not buy their next phone in a way that benefits Middleton Public Library? Said another way, literally half of the people you know will replace their cell phone THIS year. What if each of those new sales could benefit your organization?

Here's all you need to do to get started:
1. Visit to register your organization (takes about 2 minutes).
2. Inform your members and supporters (through your email, newsletters, website, word of mouth, etc).
3. Receive checks quarterly from purchases made by your supporters.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. We look forward to working with you and helping support Middleton Public Library.

According the the group's website, the following Wisconsin organizations are involved.
Acres of Hope, Inc.
American Red Cross, Sheboygan County Chapter
Classic Anglers of Wisconsin
Fine Feathered Friends Sanctuary, Inc.
Winnebago Streamers Fly Fishing Club

I didn't find any libraries among the group's comprehensive listing.

Anyone familiar with Phones for Good?

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